From a one-man-band to technology leader


The beginning might have been humble but it was full of vision: Company founder Robert Schönfeld sets up an engineering office in the basement of his home – during his employment, he realised that hydrostatic components offered a great deal of untapped potential for machine tools


Following a year-long intensive development phase, he moves to the Göppingen Voralb business park and founds HYPROSTATIK Schönfeld GmbH; the young company employs four people and the choice of name is inspired by its "original product" – the progressive volume flow controller


HYPROSTATIK now has 30 employees and procures a new company building arranged according to the rules of Feng Shui; the company focuses on supporting young people and training apprentices


The hydrostatic products from Göppingen are enjoying such high levels of international demand that HYPROSTATIK is a technology leader, has 35 employees and records double-digit annual percentage increases in sales. Despite its rapid growth, HYPROSTATIK remains a family company with flat hierarchies and close contact with its customers.

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