Hydrostatic linear guide

Hydrostatic linear guide for smaller slides such as 400 mm with sealing air for sealing: 

Hydraulic data: 


Pump pressure25 bar 
Preferred oil Grinding oil VG10 20-30°C 
Preload per pocket 5-10bar = 1000-2000N 
Load per pocket+/-1500N 
Gaps 12-14µm 
Gap stiffness per pocket280 to 700 N/µm
Oil required per slide0,2 – 0,3 l/min 
Energy input9 to 18 Watt 


Pneumatic data: 

Air pressure  0,4-0,8 bar 
Air requirementApprox. 40-80 l/min 
Heavily dependent on the dynamic pressure, 
Return and gap 
Energy input100 to 210 Watt