determination of dimensions and technical data

We offer our customers to specify the dimensions and technical data of hydrostatic components as part of engineering services. This usually takes our PM controller into account. Our offer applies to rather slow movements where higher viscosity oils corresponding to VG 22 to approx. VG100 can be used, e.g. for linear guides and slowly rotating rotary tables. Customers then receive a drawing with the required hydrostatic pockets and all the dimensions of the hydrostatic pockets.

Our customers receive a comprehensive commentary on this design, which puts them in a position to manufacture the hydrostatic components themselves. Customers can then purchase the required PM controllers from us. Customers benefit from the experience of hundreds of successfully designed hydrostatic components such as linear guides, spindle bearing arrangements, rotary tables, center bearing arrangements and special solutions. By means of our calculation programs, which are only available to us, we achieve optimal solutions.

The result: the best possible damping

With these programs, we optimally determine all relevant data of the hydrostatic pockets and calculate the values such as required pump pressure, minimum and maximum pocket pressures, minimum and maximum size of the gaps between the stationary and moving bearing parts, the stiffness, the load reserve, the frictional power, the oil heating, the required oil flow and also calculate the damping values under dynamic load, in each case depending on different excitation frequencies, masses and the determined stiffness values.
This enables us to achieve the best possible attenuation even at critical frequencies specified by customers.

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