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Hyprostatik Schönfeld GmbH, which specializes in hydrostatic systems, is part of an international technology group and has been part of the Schunk Group since 28.07.2022. This step intensifies the long-standing development partnership between Hyprostatik Schönfeld and OptoTech Optikmaschinen GmbH, which is also part of the Schunk Group. Hyprostatik products will continue to be sold directly through Hyprostatik Schönfeld. “We are pleased to partner with OptoTech to further advance the development and distribution of our hydrostatic products.”

We are innovation award winners for hydrostatic systems

As innovation prize winner of the state of Baden-Württemberg and
technology leader in the field of hydrostatic systems
we design and produce unique components and systems worldwide: hydrostatic guides, screw drives and spindle bearings.

Machine tools equipped with the pioneering HYPROSTATIK brand technology offer clear competitive advantages! Minimal friction, no wear, no losses. With a significant gain in precision, performance and service life.

specialist for the storage of hydrostatic mesh parts Wanted?

Almost everyone is familiar with the decorative spectacle that can sometimes be seen in front of large buildings: a heavy stone or metal ball rotates almost frictionlessly in a half shell. The reason for this comes from below – water pressure, generated by a pump, lifts the ball. It allows them to float on a film of water with virtually no friction or contact with the shell. A hydrostatic water film.

This method is just as effective for storing moving machine parts. To the benefit of our customers’ machine tools: They become more accurate, more reliable, more durable and more effective. Enhanced by our innovative progressive flow controller and sound advice in the field of hydrostatic systems and components, the high-quality HYPROSTATIK solutions make use of this principle. Since the moving parts do not touch each other, there is no wear.





What are hydrostatic systems for machine tools?

These are special hydraulic systems that use fluid pressure to support and guide moving parts of the machine. These systems are specially designed to enable friction-free and precise movements. This works by means of a thin film of hydraulic fluid between the moving parts.


What are the advantages of hydrostatic systems for machine tools?

  • High precision: As an expert in the field of hydrostatic systems for machine tools, HYPROSTATIK offers sophisticated and highly accurate systems that enable particularly precise movements and positioning.
  • Wear-free: Thanks to HYPROSTATIK’s innovative technologies, we guarantee: No direct contact between the moving parts. This saves money in the end.
  • High load capacity: HYPROSTATIK systems are designed for high loads and are ideal for heavy machine tools.
  • Better processing quality thanks to damping: The liquid layer dampens vibrations and shocks.

How do hydrostatic systems work in machine tools?

Hydrostatic systems in machine tools work thanks to a constant fluid pressure that maintains a gap between moving parts. Did you know? The pressure is generated by a pump and controlled by a sophisticated network of valves and pipes. The liquid thus constantly forms a wafer-thin film, which enables the particularly stable guidance of the moving parts.

Which components are included in hydrostatic systems for machine tools?

  • Hydraulic pump: Generates the required pressure.
  • Pressure accumulator: Stabilizes the pressure and stores excess energy.
  • Valves: Regulate the flow and pressure of the hydraulic fluid.
  • Pipes and hoses: Transport of the liquid to the relevant parts of the machine.
  • Hydrostatic guides and bearings: The main components that support and guide the moving parts.
  • Filters: Keep the hydraulic fluid clean.
  • Cooler: Ensures the fluid temperature is kept at an optimum level.

Why are hydrostatic systems used in precision machine tools?

Because they enable an extremely high fitting accuracy and repeatability of movements. For you as a customer, this means the finest machining steps with minimal tolerances – which is essential in precision manufacturing.


What maintenance measures are required for hydrostatic systems in machine tools?

  • Regular replacement of the hydraulic fluid: Avoiding contamination and wear is the be-all and end-all.
  • Checking and cleaning the filters: For an even and clean liquid supply.
  • Inspection of seals and pipes: Prevent leaks and ensure system integrity!
  • Pressure accumulator check: Is everything working correctly and is the pressure being maintained?

We advise you personally. Contact our professionals for hydrostatic systems.

Which fluids are used in hydrostatic systems for machine tools?

In hydrostatic systems for machine tools, special hydraulic oils are usually used that guarantee high pressure resistance, good lubricity and low viscosity changes in the event of temperature fluctuations. These oils are specially designed to meet the requirements for precision and reliability.


How do hydrostatic systems influence the energy efficiency of machine tools?

Hydrostatic systems can have a positive influence on the energy efficiency of machine tools. How? By reducing frictional resistance, less energy is needed to move the machine parts. This will save you money. In addition, precise control of the fluid pressure minimizes energy losses and improves overall efficiency.


What challenges are there when implementing hydrostatic systems in machine tools?

  • We know: The integration of a hydrostatic system requires careful planning and design to achieve the desired performance. We deliver a tailor-made offer!
  • Costs: The initial costs for implementing hydrostatic systems are higher than for conventional systems. But in the end you save money.
  • Maintenance effort: Although they are less susceptible to wear, hydrostatic systems require regular maintenance and monitoring. We are here for you, please contact us!
  • Sensitivity to impurities: This can impair performance. We support you in ensuring that your system runs smoothly. Just ask us!

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