Hyprostatik Schönfeld is now part of the Schunk Group!


Hyprostatik Schönfeld GmbH, which specializes in hydrostatic systems, has been part of the Schunk Group since July 28, 2022, and has thus become part of an internationally active technology group. This step further intensifies the long-standing development partnership between Hyprostatik Schönfeld and OptoTech Optikmaschinen Gmbh, which also belongs to the Schunk Group. Hyprostatik products will continue to be sold directly through Hyprostatik Schönfeld. “We are pleased to partner with OptoTech to further advance the development and distribution of our hydrostatic products.”

Here’s to a long life.

Minimal friction, no wear, no losses. Instead, with a clear gain in precision, performance and service life – machine tools equipped with the pioneering HYPROSTATIK brand technology offer clear competitive advantages.

As an innovation award winner of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and technology leader in the field of hydrostatic systems, we design and produce unique components and systems worldwide: hydrostatic guides, screw drives and spindle bearings.

It’s the location that matters.

Almost everyone is familiar with the decorative spectacle that can sometimes be seen in front of large buildings: a heavy stone or metal ball rotates almost frictionlessly in a half shell. The reason for this comes from below – water pressure, generated by a pump, lifts the ball and makes it float on a film of water with virtually no friction or contact with the shell. A hydrostatic water film.

Less appealing to look at but just as effective, this method can be used to support moving machine parts: Since the moving parts do not touch each other, there is no wear. Refined by our innovative progressive flow controller and sound advice, the high-quality HYPROSTATIK solutions make use of precisely this principle.
To the benefit of our customers’ machine tools: They become more accurate, more reliable, more durable and more effective.




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