Hydrostatic bearings

Our aim is to continue to increase sales of the series spindles listed below. When possible, we also try to accommodate special designs for large and/or repeat orders.

Advantages of the HYPROSTATIK® hydrostatic spindle bearing system

  • wear-free and therefore properties are unaffected by extended use
  • exceptional radial and axial running
  • high static and dynamic radial and axial stiffness
  • outstanding damping
  • low friction and pump power through our patented PM flow controller and optimal design with our comprehensive computer algorithms
  • minimal temperature variation of just a few °C thanks to oil cooling and thermal insulation between motor and spindle bearing
  • excellent balance


The properties listed above guarantee:

  • top quality workpiece surfaces, long tool service lives and high cutting rates
  • minimal profile defects and top radial and axial running
  • high thermal stability, practically independent of rotational speed
  • lack of wear means high availability and
  • with smooth running, maintenance costs and stoppages are kept to a minimum


Advantages of our PM flow controllers on the HYPROSTATIK® hydrostatic spindle bearing system

  • compared to capillary tube solutions, power dissipation of up to 1/3 (friction and pump power)
  • higher functional safety due to mathematically defined minimum gap
  • no reduction in permitted load with increasing rotational speed
  • PM flow controller enables higher functional safety and load even at top rotational speeds


Advantages of our calculation algorithms on the HYPROSTATIK® hydrostatic spindle bearing system:

Our calculation algorithms ensure optimal arrangement of hydrostatic spindle bearings for static and dynamic loads.