Hydrostatic guide shoes


  • wear-free
    • unlimited service life
    • the properties of the machine do not change with the duration of use

  • no friction when stationary – no stick-slip effect
    • positioning accuracy is not limited by the guide
    • very small travel steps and very slow movements are possible

  • excellent damping, no vibration
    • improved surface
    • vibration-free running
    • very high load capacity due to large pockets
    • very high level of stiffness thanks to PM flow controller
    • an oil feed with constant pressure
    • integrated flow control
    • built-on pressure sensors for monitoring the pre-loading and the outer loads due to CNC
    • low deformation through screws
    • simple design of the surrounding parts
    • choose from pump pressures of 32, 50 or 80 bar according to your max. loads
    • choose from oil viscosities of VG32, V46 or VG68 according to your max. speed

Our guide shoes come in two versions: the symmetrical design is suitable for narrow guides. The asymmetrical design is perfect for wide guides and ultra-precision machines. Needless to say, special designs are also possible for very special applications. In addition, other cross-section profiles and circular ring segments for rotary tables can be created.

A clamping element can be used on both sides between the guide shoes. This element has a screwed-on bronze element which can be applied to the guideway in the middle membrane area via an adjustable pressure. The clamping element can be used to activate damping/friction in the direction of motion with adjustable levels, if this is useful for machining.  


Technical data

Technical data

Technical data